Friday, October 10, 2008

木直 Vegetarian Restaurant @ Taman Equine

The dishes for lunch today was terrible, some curry and some stir-fried-till-dead vegetables. Adeline, Shoba and I decided to eat out.

There's a newly opened (not too new, but less than a year) vegetarian restaurant near my house which Shoba hasn't tried before, finally got chance to bring her there after mentioning to her few months ago.

The shop is decorated in a very woody-feel, like the name suggested.

Dessert corner.

Organic food/products for sale.

Cantonese style fried noodle.

Kung Pow chicken with rice - all the rice dish is served with healthy brown rice.

Fried goose meat - was 1 of the promotion item (50% discount) that day.

The price of individual rice & noodle dishes range from RM6.90 - RM8.90, which is quite reasonable, considering the taste and quality of food is good. Ops, forgotten to pay Shoba for my share, must remember!

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  1. I have been there many times and I like their claypot chicken rice and fish head meehoon. You may try though.. For some who are in low-carb diet like me, claypot chicken rice would be a big portion for 1 person. Share instead...