Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thank God It's Wednesday

Besides being the middle of the week, it's also my first yoga class in the week. Class was cancelled yesterday due to many of them weren't prepared.

My long holiday = eat, watch DVDs, sleep. So I focused on abs and twisting in the class today. A lot of standing twisting postures. After class, all were telling me: Class today is hard~

No choice lar, after 1 week rest, we have to get back into shape (ladies!), we have to get rid of the fats at the belly and trim the waistlines a bit, and also nourish our kidneys that help us detox our body :)


  1. you are truly right janice!!!
    we have to get rid of the fat soon..the sooner the it wont be hidden fat anymoe. im coming for ur class next week.. tak boleh tahan dah..fatness is dictating me now..shoot!~

  2. I enjoyed the class yesterday. Yeah, get rid of the fat...I'm IN!!!

  3. Are you a yoga instructor? Where is your yoga center?

  4. neo,
    Yes, I'm only teaching my colleagues in the office :)

  5. I have not been practising for a month. I tried them yesterday and my body is like so rusty! lol. Now have to prepare myself for the new enrolment. So excited.

    Wow! You teach your koligs? So nice.