Friday, October 24, 2008

Egg Fried Rice (蛋炒饭)

I have had enough of our caterer lousy food, so I prepared my own lunch today to office (actually wanted to work from home but waiting for my Terry Fox Run t-shirt to be delivered, hope he does come today).

I boiled extra rice last night for dinner, and kept some for this morning. Add in some soya sauce, salt and pepper, then fried with eggs.

I layed some Butterhead lettuce at the bottom of my lunch box, few slices of tomato and some steamed vegetarian sausages with Japanese mayonnaise (I don't know the proper name, I know it's used a lot in sushi/temaki) to go with my fried rice.

Very simple, but at least I don't have to survive on pathetic brown-wilted-vegetables or yellow curry dishes.


  1. Your fried rice looks yummy. It's my favourite. I usually add butter and less oil coz it makes the rice more fragrant (granny's secret).

    But I could hv your dish anythime Haha!

    Btw, nice blogsite! :)

  2. tempting! i always cooked this kind of fried also, but i will add some anchovy. its simple but delicious rite janice? hehe..better than caterer's foods.