Friday, November 21, 2008

We are the ~~~

Not the champion, but the third place in our company Bowling Competition event this year.

I've heard many people talking about the glow-in-the-dark bowling game in MidValley - Cosmic Bowl, it was the first time I tried it. Very fun indeed, the lights and music made the ambience fun and happening. But it was like bowling cum clubbing, we had to shout to communicate with each other, so in the end, we all almost lost our voice.

Cosmic bowl lanes.

We had 5 minutes practice throw, in normal bright lights. When the real game started, after our third throw, the disco lights and music replaced the normal lights. At first we couldn't focus (we should be given to practice in these lights too), but later on we all had fun when our eyes got used to it.

3 people in a team (1 girl and 2 guys, to be fair), 2 games each team. My second game was lousy only 95 points :( I thought 'there goes my hamper' (I was there when the person-in-charge from Social Committee bought the hampers, so I was eyeing at any 1 of them). Luckily I had 2 guys in the team that play good and drew the points near enough and got ourselves in the third place!

Me getting trophy from Khairi - organizer.

Team getting hamper - Ghim, me, Azlan.

Too bad many left early that night so no group photo taken (sorry president...)

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