Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dolphin by the pond

Attended Jacey's wedding dinner last Saturday. Yesterday she sent me the photos taken that night.

One of the photo was taken with me standing beside her and my body slightly slanted towards her, it focused on my right arm and the first thing I thought was: why my right arm looks so fat?! Hhmm, now I sound like Adeline.

Was it really fat or was it angle problem? I don't want to dwell on it, instead I decided to have class today to focus on firming the arms.

Dolphin pose.

Dolphin Plank pose.

I think these are the safest poses for firming the arms and building arm strength, as there won't be any chance to hyper-extend (and hurt) the elbows.


  1. you know what i mean by FAT arm leh! i know u agreed with me..please don't deny! haha...ok gambateh in sliming arm :)

  2. Nice plank pose you've got there. i've left yoga for some time now :(

  3. sdovelly:
    Why? you can always join back :)