Sunday, November 23, 2008

BBQ Chicken

A friend highly recommended this restaurant - the BBQ Chicken. It claims to be the Korea No. 1 chicken restaurant. Today we went to One Utama and had lunch there.

The restaurant is nothing like Korean style. Very Malaysian in fact.

The selling point of the BBQ chicken here is that it uses olive oil instead of normal cooking oil, which is much more healthy.

All set lunches are served with a free drink (carbonated drink) and a single scoop ice-cream.

It doesn't have vegetarian menu but there are something to order off the normal menu too, although limited choices. I had mushroom soup, green salad and mashed potato with herb sauce. The mashed potato was too bland but luckily the sauce was nice.


  1. Yummy-looking vegetarian food for a "Chicken" place :)

    Have a great new week ya! ^_^


  2. Oh, that looks good and healthy enough. The mashed potato should be much better than that of KFC's haha...

  3. i have heard about this chain some time ago. looks like time to give it a try...the mushroom soup looks yummy.

  4. I love mashed potato...make me hungry for it...

  5. At Jaya One ma.. I had before.. quite nice..

  6. Looks good. Maybe I shall go for try someday.