Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cold noodle with fried chicken cubes

I don't buy organic food all the time (or everything I eat), because it is more expensive, can be 400% more expensive than non-organics.

Last weekend I went to One Utama, parked at the place near the outdoor 'waterfall'. I took the escalator up and saw an organic shop - Country Farm Organics, selling everything from food to detergents. I intended to just walk into the shopping mall through the shop. As I walked in I got attracted by the choices of food, it's more than what's in Just Life in The Curve. Then I approached the discount corner, the organic noodle was on sale - RM 9.90 for 2 packets. Not too bad. So I got myself a packet of Carrot Stick Noodle and a packet of Spirulina Noodle.

So I made myself cold (carrot stick) noodle with fried chicken cubes for lunch today (but I didn't have chance to try my own 'creative' cold noodle and this was another incident).

I boiled the noodle in boiling water for 5 mins (as the instruction stated, I wonder would the boiling spoil whatever vitamins/minerals in the noodle?), then drained the water, rinsed the cooked noodle with cold water. I then mixed some sauce (soya sauce plus sesame oil) to the noodle.

Cold noodle, fried vegetarian chicken cubes (some japanese mayonnaise on top), and boiled Edamame soy bean.


  1. You have reminded me of the Edamame I have in the fridge...time to eat them...hehe...thanks for giving me inspiration...haha

  2. how come u can eat chicken one?!?!? :P

  3. Firstly, it is vegetarian chicken; secondly, not that I cannot eat meat, is I chose not to eat :p

  4. You are pretty hardworking on cooking le. I always lazy to do so.

  5. yum yum...and it looks nice on photo! you are very creative in the food combination. is cooking your interest? and how do u find time in cooking during weekday?