Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Malaysian Tribunal For Consumer Claims

This is 1 place I visited so frequently since Oct this year.

Early Oct, when I knew there's no chance we can join Urban Yoga (as the receiver took over Yoga Zone and turned YZ Damas into Urban Yoga) using my existing membership (need to fork out RM88 per month to re-join), I decided to file for a claim. I went to the Putrajaya branch to request the Form 1, filled in, submitted, and the first hearing was 4th Nov.

I did a mistake by posting the Form 1 to Ferrier Hodgson (the receiver company) using courier service, the court only accept posting by Registered Mail, or by hand. So my case was postponed to yesterday, 25 Nov.

This time I posted the Form 1 by Registered Mail, got the AR card from Post Office and submitted to the court during the second hearing. It really wasn't a happy trip. I reached there at 9AM (as requested in the court letter), the President (a.k.a The Judge) came in and started hearing at 10:10AM, so many cases yesterday and I waited will 11:45AM for mine. Ferrier Hodgson didn't send anyone for the hearing, so I got the award from the court.

I met a girl at there, Lennie, she filled a claim against YZ too. She has her own business of dog boarding home, so interesting! We were chit-chating while waiting for the officers to prepare the award letter. The officers told us it would take a long time and 'invited' us to have our lunch at the cafeteria at Level 1 while waiting (that's why I didn't eat my cold noodle yesterday, as I already left my lunchbox in the office).

Only by 1:25PM, my name was called and I got the award letter.

Happily, I thought I could send the award letter to Ferrier Hodgson today and start counting the days before they issue me a cheque. But Lennie called me yesterday (1 hour after I reached office) and told me that the officer had typed the wrong company name on our award letter :( So this morning I went to return the letter to the tribunal office and have to wait for them to issue me a new one. It's going to take few days (or weeks) for them to prepare, sign, and call me to collect it from them when it's ready.

The process is so tedious, no wonder many members gave up in claiming. Not only the amount that I'm claiming is considered big to me, what I think is I must exercise my rights as a consumer, and not let these 'immoral' companies get off so easily. And yes, I shall bug you till you pay!


  1. heard about the news on Yoga Zone but didn't know that they are asking for RM88 per month to rejoin!! these people really arr!! i totally agree with you, should uphold your right and claim justice which you are entitled to.

  2. Hi,

    Just to share my experience.... I had my hearing and got the award from the court too. Happily I went to Ferrier Hodgson to submit my notice and insisted to see the person-in-charge, Mr. Kumar. He told me that I won't get my claim. There are hundreds over awards pending for his attention. He will just reply to the court that we ranked as unsecure creditor, and YZ is unable to pay us due to heavy debt. A copy of the letter will also be forwarded to the 4 directors for their further action. So dissapointed ! I wonder whether I should persue to file for the "none payment compliance" when 14 days lapse.

  3. wow... a really tedious process indeed! I admire you for your perserverance, don't worry if you don't get any money from YZ, your perserverance will go a long way I'm sure!

  4. Just wondering what is your update on the claims? Any news? I wonder if I should also put in my claims.

  5. yogababy:
    I'm still waiting for the tribunal officer to call me to collect the amended award letter.
    What I think is, we all should...