Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chong Ee has moved in to his new condo - Sterling @ PJ few weeks back, didn't have time to visit him until yesterday, finally made an appointment with him to visit his place and went for a swim.

It's really a nice place to stay in, like having a home in a modern resort.


yet having a relaxing corner of nature.

Posh entrance/lobby for residents drop-off.

The security seemed tight. 3 basement car-parks, with 3-4 security guards patrolling. When we drove in to LG2, a guard walked to us and directed us to a specific lot to park. And every entrance to the building is protected by alarmed door and only accessible by residents' magnetic pass card.

A garden with swings, slides, modern spring-seesaw and also something for the adults - outdoor 'gym equipment'.

The most attracting place in the condo (at least to me) is the swimming pool! Wonderfulous! I couldn't help myself to quickily change and dip into it at the second I saw it.

Chong Ee insisted we come during night time. The view explains it all.

How I wish I'm a fish swimming here all night.


  1. wow..such a big and nice pool and.... nice "fish" haha..

  2. my friend bought a unit at sterling too... everything is nice except the car park. hehe.. very confusing ....

  3. Looks really good. Why the fish upside down wan?

  4. I'm upside down, but representing the fish facing down - Matsyasana: hands as fin, legs as tail :)