Sunday, November 2, 2008

World Animal Day @ KL Tower

Right after TFR, we drove toward Pusat Bandaraya's direction to go to the World Animal Day event @ KL Tower. It has been years since I last went to KL Tower and this is the first time I drove there. Luckily there're many road signs around the city showing direction to KL Tower because it's one of the important tourist attraction.

We reached there around 11:45AM. It was a bad idea to enter the car park of KL Tower, paying RM2.65 per hour but there were not many parking lots. I made 2 rounds and finally parked beside a car at the road side of the entrance, which is not a proper parking lot.

It was a super-duper hot afternoon.

Temporary stairs were set up to allow dogs and owners to walk up to the terrace area (as dogs weren't allowed to enter the building or escalators).

The area of the event wasn't too big, pet related stalls were set up along the fountain.

Pretty clothes for pets. They were having promotion of RM25 each piece (normal price is RM39). I didn't buy any because I know both my dogs prefer to be naked :p

Pet drawing. Not sure what is this for.

Heartgart, one of the famous brand for flavoured-chewable heart worm pills. BaiBai and Dagger just had theirs last week.

Beds & carriage bags, so tempted to buy a bed for both of my kids. set up a booth with laptops allowing people to surf for pets to adopt/buy.

A cute poodle guarding the SPCA donation and sales booth.

For every donation of RM10 or more, SPCA gave out a goodie bag as a token of gratitude.

And of course, animals for adoption were brought to the event hoping someone will bring them home. Dogs from SPCA are younger (few weeks old), dogs from PAWS are older, around few months old. All are cute and healthy and I'm sad why I can't help more.

Cat for adoption.

It was a dog friendly event, many of them brought their dogs, on leash, in bag, or carrying. I didn't bring BaiBai & Dagger because I came straight from TFR and that wasn't a dog friendly event.

Young Collie pup in the bag.

Chihuahua, he needs to walk 5-in-1 steps to catch up with the owner.

A black retriever, sure he felt more heat than others in a sunny Sunday afternoon.

What breed is this? Big but tame.

Amber, Cloe and Faith? Were they there to perform?

Another retriever. So warm, you should have wore a singlet like me~

Peking dogs. Daddy, I'm thirsty too!

If you are not allowed to keep a dog, and don't like cats, this is another option, but I don't know what it is called.

Barkery was selling cakes (RM1 per slice) and cookies (RM10 per pack) and the money goes to SPCA.

The cake smelled good, I bought 2 slices of cake and a packet of cookies.

I couldn't stand the heat anymore so after buying the food, we went home around 12:45PM.

The cake must be delicious that both of them enjoyed it, after their refreshing bath.

Time to check out the goodie bag. Nowadays everyone using recycled bag as doing a part for the environment.

So what's inside?

Wow, really good stuff.

I hope their next event will be in a bigger place, like a park where dogs can have more fun walking or running around. Besides, afternoon really is a bad idea of having outdoor event like this, I'm sure many of the dogs couldn't stand the heat like me!


  1. Guess what, I'm heading to the same direction after TFR. Meeting my friend at Menara ING for breakfast after that.

  2. Oooo, how i wish i had gone. Btw, the black dog is an Afgan Hound. Not sure what the other one is, some kind of squirrel perhaps?

  3. A big dog events in KLCC.. Sure fun ya...

  4. Oya...the squirrel-ly animal is called a sugar glider.

  5. yeah! its a sugar glider; an austalian breed.! i have it! actually not mine la..its my sisters' his name is NEO..very cute tho!