Sunday, November 16, 2008

A happy walk, but sad ending

A clear Sunday morning, woke up at 6AM, packed leashes, water bottles, poo bags and brought BaiBai and Dagger to the park next to the Sri Petaling LRT station for a weekend morning walk.

Met up with Adeline & her 'princess' Yumi, Dagger seemed like not interested, BaiBai was more interested.

After a few rounds walk around the lake in the garden, we took the stairs up to the middle of the hill. We and the dogs took some rest on the bench.

It was a nice walk, although Dagger doesn't know how to heel yet, but at least she followed the crowd and not trying to escape.

Until we approached my car to head back, it was a happy outing.

I parked at the road side, beside the Sri Petaling LRT car park and the park, many cars parked there. I saw from far, a couple passed by my car and pointed at it and were talking to each other. I didn't have much time to wonder why before I saw broken window glass beside my car on the ground.

The culprit didn't actually break the window, he used something (iron rod probably) to 'dig' the side of the window and the window pane just fell off.

He opened and searched the glove compartment and ash compartment, but took nothing. In fact there isn't anything valuable for him to take.

We all think that is a usual spot where the thief breaks car windows and steals, because we saw many broken car windows and glasses in the bush beside it. It just didn't cross my mind when I first parked there.

Lesson learned:
I will not park my car at the road side, even at a busy street (it was a busy park and many people were jogging/passing by).
I will never put anything valuable/important in the car (it was lucky that I removed most of the things from my car as I brought it for servicing yesterday), even it is not visible from outside of the car, thiefs just look for random easy target.


  1. Oh dear, what a sad experience indeed. Yours is not the 1st case I've heard about that place.

  2. This is terribly bad. Though no valuables have got stolen, replacing the window is another troublesome. What an unsafe KL.

  3. Please take care as you normally travel alone, right?

  4. poor thing.. when i see it..i also feel sad and sorry..

  5. A good lesson learnt for me too. Nowadays, wherever we go also not safe..