Thursday, November 6, 2008

Free dresses with free delivery

Since my first pleasant experience with IreneFashion, I check her site for new products regularly.

She updates her collection very frequent, many of the dresses are pretty. But recently (and in near future) I have to spend a lot on my new house, so I didn't order any (wait till I have an excuse for myself, for example, Chinese New Year! Hehe).

Yesterday when I was browser-window shopping at her site, I saw the word "FREE"! I bet this is one word everybody would like to see/hear. Is it for real? I checked it out.

It's simple, follow the instructions on the site, and choose your preferred fashion piece. Not only for ladies, guys can get it (or buy something from the latest collection) for your sister, girlfriend or wife :)

Let's see whether I can get what I've chosen (free things finish fast right?)


  1. Oh dear, sounds too good to be true. Pity I'm a guy, else will have a crazy time going with you! keke

  2. mango,

  3. 不好意思,给错网址了,其实是

  4. Get a shirt for my sister? Hell no..We just have different taste on fashion.

  5. The dresses on Irenelim Fashion look good, and I think the prices are reasonable too.

  6. I already order the free tshirt from them.Hopefully I'm able to get mine too :)