Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Borders' promotion

Last night after our company movie outing, I went to the Borders, The Curve to get a new book - My Life with George. I've read its excerpt on Amazon and decided on buying it, so I went to the store, grabbed the book and went straight to the counter.

It's RM38.50

I passed her my credit card.

She swiped it at the cashier machine, and the price shown was RM32.80
There must have been a question mark on my face.

Oh, we are having promotion for Citibank card holders, all normal-priced books get 15% discount, and 10% discount for normal-priced CDs. Promotion period till 30th November 2008.

Wow, that's great. I didn't see any promotion banners or advertisements regarding this in the store. Anyway, good for all book lovers who are using Citibank card.


  1. Borders at the Curve... my fav place. But i dun usually buy books nowadays.... cheapskate jor. I'll pick a quiet spot at starbucks and read, for FREE! :)

    Enjoy ur book! :)

  2. Need to go MPH someday for book-shopping. Still keeping the RM100 voucher that valid until Dec. Any good recommendation?

  3. I read blogs more than reading books. Huhaha...

  4. K|E|E|N|Y|E|E:
    Recommendation, give the voucher to me, haha :p

  5. Valid till end of this month, faster go grab some books!

  6. hehe...actually i didn't read it properly, u mentioned it in blog till 30th Nov :p