Thursday, November 20, 2008

Distributing love

Our company HR & office managers have arranged a trip to an orphanage in Kajang (Jln Reko to be specific). The main purpose was to have lunch with the kids and some old folks staying there, and distribute some needings and gifts to them.

Arriving with pizza!

Reached the home, I was glad to see that the environment is new and clean. Sheela told us the owner of the house just renovated the place, and exempted 1 year rental from the orphanage. Such a kind person!

The home.

The yard.

Wall drawing by 1 of the boys.

Living hall - quite a few trophies & medals in the cabinet.



Our company also donated some foldable beds and mattresses, Dell PCs, kitchen utensils, and some furnitures, hope we are making a better place for them to stay and study, play, grow up/old.

Kids waiting for lunch.

We were told that they normally don't have lunch (only dinner everyday) unless people donate or come to visit them like today.

I saw most kids enjoyed their food, they all sat quietly and ate, very obedient and organized - no crying, no snatching. I wondered how the old folks enjoy the pizzas? Some did asked for more, some just nibbled the food slowly, a man just took 1 piece and rejected our next offer.

We got pizzas from an Italian restaurant in Cyberjaya, and ordered some from Domino's.

Our turn to eat, after we distributed food to everyone.

A vegetarian pizza from the Italian restaurant, which Sheela thought, they just dump all kinds of vegetables into it without considering the 'compatibility' of the ingredients.

During lunch, we spotted something small running around the house fast and quietly, someone told me it was a ChiHuaHua! Indeed! A little ChiHuaHua pup.

After lunch, we distributed some clothes to the old folks, uniforms to the kids that are attending school, and some gifts/toys for the kids.

The kids queued up to get their gifts, they had the biggest smile on their face when accepting the gift, and the 'Thank you!' melted my heart.

Kids comparing what's inside.

How fortunate we are, having money to buy pretty clothes, having extras to pursuit tertiary or higher educations, having the 'rights' to complain about our lousy/unhealthy/uncreative food from caterer.

We should cherish everything, everyone around us, and every single day we have.


  1. wah...ur company very good n generous ler...

  2. So so good and generous of you all. No lunch... that's bad, pity them.

  3. As we practise giving, we also learn to let go! :)

    Nothing satisfies more than knowing that we hv at least made this world a better place; albeit even for a brief moment. Please do let the organizers/ur colleagues know how much you appreciate their effort. And thanks for caring! ^_^

  4. 对这个世界如果你有太多的抱怨
    为什么人要这么的脆弱 堕落
    珍惜一切 就算没有拥有

    This is very true..

  5. Wondering why I wasn't invited for this le.