Sunday, November 2, 2008

Terry Fox Run 2008

Woke up early at 6AM, prepared a simple lunch box for this afternoon, after the run.

Fried Hash Brown & vegetarian fish fingers, hard boiled eggs, Butterhead lettuce, cucumber & cherry tomato salad, kiwi.

Thanks to the egg mold I bought from Jessie's hallmarket, it made my lunch box looked special and cute. But the sauce container I bought is too small, so I used the recycled jelly cups for the sauce and mayonnaise.


Seems like there were much more participants compared to last year (thanks to Facebook?). We reached at 7:45AM but the car park beside the lake garden was full (according to the volunteers working on directing the traffic). So had to park somewhere further, around 1KM walking distance to the aseembly point in the park. It's a good warm up but tiring when walking back to the car after the event. The traffic towards the park was a chaos, the volunteers were giving instructions to the drivers at the traffic light junction and caused many cars jammed up there.

Reached the assembly point, met up with friends, chit-chat a while.

Just noticed that we all wore Nike.

It's 9AM, everyone is waiting.

And still waiting.

It was 9:15AM and they announced that there were thousand of them still on the way so we were waiting. Ya right, what about thousand of us that has been waiting since 8AM? If you aren't going to follow the flag-off time, why set one?

And there isn't a proper warm-up session, which last year was done with the lead of Fitness First. No stretching exercises allowed in public because it might be seen as doing Yoga?

Finally after some lame warm-up "dance", those on wheels started the run/walk, and minutes later, followed by us running/walking.

Hey there cutie~ Dogs allowed?

We finished the course at 10:30AM. We then went straight to the Q to the Milo van.

Everybody loves Milo.

Somehow, I didn't enjoy it as much as last year.


  1. Very quick posting. Hope you still managed to enjoy's for a worthy cause and in rememberance of Terry after all. Do hope to join you next year. I made it a point to run this evening, just as a mark of respect for Terry and my Dad.

    Btw, great pics! :) Have a great new week ya!

  2. Yeah, I had the same feeling that this year's event wasn't as interesting as last year. But hey, the purpose is to raise fund for cancer research..And we made it :). Bring BaiBai along next year!!

  3. I like the star and love shaped eggs! haha... looks so cute :p