Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sandwich & macaroni cheese

It's third week of November, I doubt we are going to get new caterer anytime soon. Maybe next year? New year, new caterer, haha (being hopeful). For the time being, I still make lunch box to work (feel tired and rather work from home if I don't have yoga class).

Sandwich with cheese + tomato + Butterhead lettuce, macaroni cheese and Kiwi fruit.

I love the Silicon side dish, it works as a food separator in the lunch box, keeping everything in place and pretty :)

I came across a bento mania blog, and got to know that Daiso is coming to KL. I didn't know what Daiso sells, but from the blog entry and its comments, I reckon it's a store selling assorted bento tools and accessories. Nice! I shall have more choices and ideas for my lunch box.


  1. wow..looks really nice and healthy!

  2. You alwiz get me salivating! :P Looks really delicious. :)

  3. Why so healthy.. Ashame le me.. always eat nasi lemak.. no wonder my face pimples still cannot recover.